Rockstar Energy Bike Park

Bike park lighting solution ensures perfect visibility for the largest BMX Bike Park in the United States

The Rockstar Energy Bike Park, located in Houston, Texas is an immense recreational space of over 150,000 square feet including a world-class BMX racetrack, concrete bowls, dirt jumps, pump tracks for all ages, a flatland freestyle area and an amphitheater. The park, which opened in 2019, is the largest of its kind in the United States, and second largest in the world. It caters to a range of BMX riders and skaters, from differing ages and skill levels, including amateurs and professionals.

The BMX park lighting challenge

The facility managers wanted a lighting solution to extend the opening hours of the BMX park, particularly in the warmer seasons when BMX riders would appreciate the opportunity to ride after sunset.

Schréder was entrusted with lighting the bike bowl to create a sense of security for the users at all hours. This was a great opportunity to put at our expertise to work as uniformity was going to be a big challenge; the floodlights had to be installed high on masts on the periphery to ensure an unobstructed passage for BMX riders and skateboarders. We carefully analysed the geometry of the bike bowl to direct the light and ensure maximum uniformity, even in those hard-to-reach, undulating areas.

OMNISTAR, the BMX park lighting solution

OMNISTAR was the only floodlight with the right optics to deliver the required light levels, uniformity and colour temperature at the required mounting height. Installed on 10 metre high masts, it bathes the concrete surfaces in a bright, evenly distributed white light, ensuring a clear, unobstructed view for all BMX riders, skateboarders and spectators.

A total of 39 OMNISTAR were installed in the zone. With high-quality materials for durability and longevity, they ensure a low maintenance lighting solution for many years to come.

12257 Kuykendahl Road
Houston, Texas
United States


Rockstar Energy Bike Park


high masts

Biking it Safe

The lighting for this top-of-the-range BMX park enables riders of all ages and abilities to use the facility to learn to ride, practice new tricks, improve their bike skills, or get ready for BMX races in complete safety and comfort, all year long.