Minimalist but elegant design for urban lighting


Sometimes, less is more! With its minimalist round design, TWIXX provides an elegant solution for lighting various environments in towns and cities such as urban and residential streets, squares and parks, pedestrian areas and car parks. This modern, cost-effective LED luminaire is an efficient alternative to fixtures equipped with conventional light sources. TWIXX is a strategic asset for cities, municipalities and owners of outdoor areas looking for a lighting platform to generate high energy savings with a fast return on investment.

Multiple configurations

Available for post-stop and side-entry mounting, TWIXX offers various configurations including an elegant double-arm which perfectly integrates parks, squares and residential streets.

Fast return on investment

TWIXX is a strategic asset for cities, municipalities and owners of outdoor areas looking for a lighting platform to generate high energy savings with a fast return on investment.

Symmetrical/asymmetrical light distributions

Available with symmetrical and asymmetrical light distributions and four typical lumen packages, TWIXX provides a highly efficient yet affordable outdoor lighting solution.

Dark sky compliant

When used in post-top or side-entry (tilted at 0°) configurations, TWIXX is dark sky compliant, generating zero up-light (0% ULOR).

Get your starlit sky back

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution. It provides tools, ressources, and a certification program for industries and companies willing to reduce light pollution. At Schréder, we are convinced that a more responsible lighting has the potential to preserve the environment. We are fully committed to reducing light pollution by joining the IDA’s certification program. Our approved range of luminaires complies with the IDA’s program of approval to deliver a light that protects the environment in all respects. Get your starlit sky back with the TWIXX lighting solution.


Загальна інформація

Рекомендована висота монтажу (м)
3.0 - 
Meets IDA Dark Sky requirements when equipped with a fixed mounting option.

Електрична частина

Клас електробезпеки
Номінальна напруга
Захист від перенапруги (кВ)
Протокол(и) керування
Варіанти роз'ємів
Пов'язані системи керування


Світловий потік світильника (лм)
4200 - 
Споживана потужність (Вт)
30.0 - 
Світловіддача до (лм/Вт)

Оптичний блок

Колірна температура LED
Індекс кольоропередачі (CRI)
Коефіцієнт виходу світла вгору (ULOR)
Meets IDA Dark Sky requirements when fitted with LEDs of 3000K or less.
ULOR may be different according to the configuration. Please consult us.

Корпусні деталі

Конструкційні деталі
Tempered glass
Ступінь захисту

Строк служби

Всі конфігурації

Умови експлуатації

Діапазон робочих температур (Ta)
-30°C up to +55°C / -22° F up to 131°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Розміри та кріплення

AxBxC (мм | inch)
TWIXX 1 : 490x84x490 | 19.3x3.3x19.3
TWIXX 2 : 490x84x490 | 19.3x3.3x19.3
TWIXX 3 : 490x84x490 | 19.3x3.3x19.3
TWIXX 4 : 490x84x490 | 19.3x3.3x19.3
Вага (кг | lbs)
TWIXX 1 : 7.9 | 17.4
TWIXX 2 : 7.9 | 17.4
TWIXX 3 : 7.9 | 17.4
TWIXX 4 : 7.9 | 17.4
Можливості кріплення
Side-entry slip-over – Ø60mm
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm

Системи керування

Control options for TWIXX

TWIXX is available with drivers including a built-in standard DALI interface for smooth dimming.

Монтаж та обслуговування

Versatile mounting

TWIXX is adapted to all typical urban spaces, from narrow streets to squares thanks to its versatile mounting. This elegant luminaire is designed for post-top or side-entry mounting on a Ø60mm spigot. In addition to a double-arm post-top configuration, a knuckle fixation, suitable for post-top or side-entry, is available. It includes a wide tilting range (180°) to adapt the inclination angle to any configuration.