Enhance the value of architecture with powerful and versatile LED floodlights


The SCULPFLOOD LED floodlight range includes two power versions to provide the best solution to transform medium and large architectural structures including skyscrapers, monuments, façades, roundabouts, bridges and stadiums into landmarks.
Compact and stylish, the SCULPFLOOD range offers refined floodlights with a high-quality build, feel and finish. The two versions provide a high degree of flexibility with an on-site adjustable photometry and precise fine-tuning through brackets. These features help lighting designers deliver their desired result.
SCULPFLOOD is dedicated to creating striking lighting effects and enhance the value of architectural buildings at night. Through control systems, dynamic lighting scenarios can be achieved for a dramatic lighting effect.

  • Powerful LED floodlight for large scale illuminations
  • SCULPFLOOD is the beneficial alternative to traditional HID floodlights for powerful and soft-edge beams. The range ensures a much lower energy consumption and longer lifespan.
    SCULPFLOOD 60 and SCULPFLOOD 150 can be fitted with monochromatic (WW, NW, CW), tunable white and RGBCW LEDs to provide a wide range of colour temperatures and colour mix.

  • Sculp the light to achieve the perfect finish
  • SCULPFLOOD adapts the light output precisely to the needs. It offers a high-performing and on-site adjustable photometry thanks to external refractors and a precise fine-tuning through brackets equipped with an angle inclination system.
    Eye-catching, dynamic lighting scenarios can be managed via the DMX-RDM protocol.

  • High quality finish
  • Compact and elegant, the SCULPFLOOD LED floodlights offers an innocuous design to blend harmoniously into any architectural structure.
    Extra attention has been paid to the details (no visible screws on the front of the frame) to ensure a high-quality finish.

  • Performance over time
  • The long life span of the LEDs and the robust materials (aluminium, glass and polycarbonate), coupled with a high tightness level, ensure that the photometric and mechanical performance are maintained over time.


Recommanded installation height (m)
Electrical class
Nominal voltage
Surge protection (kV)
Control protocol(s)
Associated control system(s)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
1600 - 
Power consumption (W)
41.0 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
LED colour temperature
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Tempered glass
Tightness level
Impact resistance
IK may be different according to the size/configurations. Please consult us.
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-20°C up to +50°C / -4°F up to 122°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
SCULPFLOOD 60 - 147x270x271 | 5.8x10.6x10.7
SCULPFLOOD 150 - 94x393x551 | 3.7x15.5x21.7
Weight (kg | lbs)
SCULPFLOOD 60 - 8.5 | 18.7
SCULPFLOOD 150 - 18.0 | 39.6
Mounting possibilities
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination

Control systems

Control options for SCULPFLOOD

The SCULPFLOOD floodlight is compatible with the following control protocols:
• Custom dimming profile

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Flexible mounting

Available in two power versions, SCULPFLOOD provides a high degree of flexibility thanks to an on-site adjustable photometry and a precise fine-tuning through brackets that indicate the inclination angle.
To satisfy specific constraints such as a high environmental temperature, the driver and the power supply can be installed remotely, as external components.

Accessories and versions

Accessories for SCULPFLOOD

SCULPFLOOD is available with various accessories that help lighting designers to achieve the desired result:
• external refractors for on-site photometry adjustments
• protection grid
• vertical louvres
• horizontal louvres
• barn doors