Caminha historic centre

Energy-efficient LED lighting enables Caminha to enhance its heritage and reduce its energy and environmental footprint

In 2014, the town of Caminha drew up a public master lighting plan for its public realm in collaboration with the Portuguese Order of Engineers North Region (OERN). As part of the master plan, the street lights were to be upgraded to modern LED technology throughout the town, including the historic centre. The first phase of the plan was completed in 2021 with very positive results, both in terms of the quality of the light and the overall energy consumption, which has been reduced by approximately 70%.

Energy-efficient public lighting creates a sense of well-being

To support the master lighting plan, the local authorities carried our major infrastructure work and invested in modern equipment to create a strong and welcoming ambiance for Caminha as a historic but progressive town after dark. The new lighting had to create a strong sense of place and history both by day and by night.

The main streets in the city, including Rua de S. João are now lit by MAYA LED luminaires that deliver a high light output to ensure a safe passage with zero light spill into the neighbouring buildings.

The VALENTINO LED fitted with flat glass protectors for zero light spill, were installed on existing brackets in the historic centre to reflect the heritage lanterns of the past. They are fitted with warm white LEDs (less than 3,000K) for a warm and gentle nocturnal ambiance, reminiscent of old candle and gas-lit streets.

SHUFFLE poles were installed on Largo do Terreiro - the town’s main square - to create a safer and more inviting space for people to gather and dwell. The modularity of these poles will enable the local authorities to provide more services in the future.

Architectural lighting reveals history in a balanced nightscape

Caminha has a wealth of heritage buildings and structures and the major landmarks were to be illuminated with modest schemes as defined in the master lighting plan. The illuminated landmarks had to make a positive contribution and harmoniously integrate with the town’s street lighting.

The parish church, the Clock Tower, the old Town Hall, Misericórdia Church, Terreiro Fountain and Casa dos Pitas are illuminated by a variety of energy-efficient LED floodlights, including the SCULPDOT, SCULPLINE, ENYO and TERRA Midi LED.

Built between the 15th and 17th centuries, each landmark has been lit to reveal its history and highlight its architectural details while striking the right balance in the visual nightscape. Discreetly integrated into the building fabric, the LED floodlights create a sense of form and depth for each structure, while complimenting the colour of the architectural materials.

Energy-saving lighting that serves the community

Lighting is essential at night to improve night-time journeys, to support social interaction and boost the local economy. By installing energy-efficient, reliable and futureproof technology, towns and cities can enhance the quality of life for their local communities.

Thanks to its well-structured master lighting plan, which takes advantage of the latest technologies, the town has reduced its power consumption from 50.16KW to 16.74KW, generating savings of around 70%. Residents are thoroughly enjoying the new lighting which makes the town more accessible during the hours of darkness while enhancing its heritage, of which they are so rightly proud. 



Caminha Council