Octodure Stadium

Energy-efficient sports lighting adapts light levels to events taking place

Octodure Stadium in Martigny is home to FC Martigny-Sports who play in the Swiss 1 Liga and is used for a variety of sports by the local community. In 2022, the local authorities decided to replace the lighting on the football pitch and surrounding athletics track. The existing poles and floodlights were dismantled with the double goal of improving the quality of the light as well as saving energy.

Less floodlights for more light

Schréder was entrusted with managing the lighting replacement scheme. We proposed the ECOBLAST floodlight as its modularity was ideal for this site configuration. The old 36-metre high masts, equipped with 11 floodlights (2000W halogen lamps) were upgraded to 37-metre high masts with 9 floodlights on adjustable brackets.

The new LED lighting has reduced the total power of the installation by almost 50%, from 102kW to 57,44kW.

The right light for the right sport

The floodlights are programmed to adapt the light levels to the different events taking place in the stadium to save more energy while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. The new LED sports lighting will deliver: 

  • 40 lux for maintenance
  • 80 lux for athletics training
  • 120 for athletics competitions 
  • 120 lux for amateur football matches (2nd - 5th league)
  • 200 lux for first league matches.

A winning team

We managed the entire project with all the different partners, from the civil engineers to the installation contractor, to deliver a highly-efficient sports lighting solution that met the objectives of the local authorities within the requested timeline.

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