Praça da República retrofit lighting

LED retrofit kit improves safety, performance and sustainability at a lower cost for Montijo City Council

Praça da República, in the heart of the historic centre of Montijo, is a popular square where the local community regularly gathers to celebrate events and socialise. In 2002, the local authorities had installed the emblematic HERMES luminaire to light the square. This highly distinctive luminaire provides an indirect white light that creates a cosy atmosphere with high visual comfort while showing the city’s modern outlook.

Retrofit lighting to save energy, money and resources 

In 2022, after 20 years of service life, the local authorities, wanted to convert the luminaires to LED technology as part of an energy-efficiency plan being rolled out across the city. However, they were very attached to the design of HERMES and contacted us to discuss how they could preserve the luminaire which was still in excellent condition. 

Our Schréder STUDIO team looked at the options and it quickly became clear that there was an opportunity to deliver an incredibly sustainable result. We informed the Council that they could retain the structure of the luminaire and simply retrofit the optics, saving on manufacturing resources and investment. Needless to say, they were delighted.

A retrofit lighting partner from A to Z

With many people using the square at night, the Council also wanted to increase the light output to create a brighter night scene. When analysing how we could retrofit the optics, we decided to incorporate 2 PCBAs to meet the new lighting requirements.

We dismantled the HERMES luminaires in small groups to ensure minimal lighting on the square and transported them to our factory. There we retrofitted the traditional metal halide discharge lamps (150W) with an LED kit (24 LEDs). We also cleaned the upper wing and repainted the rings to give the luminaire a complete makeover.

We also retrofitted the TERRA MIDI floodlights illuminating the bandstand and the church façade with LED optics.

A safer and more sustainable square 

All 21 of the HERMES luminaires lighting the square have been retrofitted with LED optics. They have increased the lighting levels on the square by 35% using the same amount of energy as the previous installation. The result is a brighter, safer and more sustainable night-time environment where residents, from the young to old, can continue to gather and enjoy themselves. 

This LED retrofit lighting project has shown the city’s commitment to the community, a responsible use of public funds and a sustainable future.

Praça da República


Montijo City Council