Tunnel des Nations

Tunnel lighting to ensure the highest safety standards with a sustainable footprint

On 25th March 2024, the new Route des Nations linking the motorway to the airport and Geneva's international organisations district opened. This new 1.2-kilometre-long road, 80% of which is underground, is designed to absorb the passage of 20,000 vehicles per day, relieving congestion in the Grand-Saconnex neighbourhood.

Cutting-edge tunnel technology

From the outset, the Route des Nations was designed with safety in mind. The tunnel is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, emergency response systems and robust fire prevention measures to reassure all tunnel users. The Swiss subsidiary of the SPIE group also wanted the latest in tunnel lighting solutions to ensure perfect visibility and high visual comfort for drivers, while keeping operating costs low.

Highly efficient tunnel lighting with a low carbon footprint

The highly efficient TLI, a stainless steel tunnel luminaire, was chosen to light the Tunnel des Nations and meet the strict lighting standards.

Just over 60 TLI 4 luminaires were installed at the critical entrance zones to provide the 30cd/m² required by Swiss regulations to reduce the contrast with the sun outside and guarantee safety.

More than 220 TLI 1 luminaires light the interior zone. They direct a bright white light with excellent uniformity onto the tunnel road and walls, giving drivers a clear view of the tunnel and allowing them to easily identify potential obstacles.

Combined with a traffic management and lighting management system, the lighting in the tunnel adapts to external conditions (day, night, sunshine) to ensure a pleasant driving experience.

Less maintenance, less costs, less disruption

The TLI's robust stainless steel housing and long-life LEDs ensure years of performance despite the corrosive and humid tunnel conditions with limited maintenance. Less maintenance means lower costs, fewer closures and less disruption to local mobility.

Improved mobility in the city

The Tunnel des Nations will not only improve access to the city, but also the quality of life of the people of Geneva. By reducing congestion in the Grand Saconnex and Les Nations districts, air quality will improve, making the city healthier and more pleasant to live in.

Both the SPIE and drivers are pleased with the highly efficient TLI tunnel luminaire, which provides a safe and comfortable tunnel environment with low operating and life cycle costs.