Éric Choteau hockey pitch

Smart sports lighting solution with Schréder ITERRA adapts light to meet different requirements

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is a seaside town in northern France on the Opal Coast. Thanks to its magnificent natural setting, residents and tourists can practise a wide range of sporting activities, both in and out of the water. The local council also provides a range of sports facilities for the local community.

After having replaced the floodlights in the James Owens sports hall with a smart lighting solution, controlled by Schréder ITERRA, the project managers asked us to propose a lighting solution for the hockey pitch in the Éric Choteau stadium.

ECOBLAST, a modular and energy-efficient sports floodlight 

The Éric Choteau stadium is home to the local TAC hockey club. Our team visited the stadium to analyse the grass pitch and propose the most appropriate hockey lighting solution.

The ECOBLAST LED floodlight is ideal for the hockey pitch. Thanks to its modularity, this floodlight directs the light to exactly where it is needed, regardless of the size or configuration of the stadium. With its high-performance optics, the ECOBLAST offers an energy-efficient solution for clubs looking to reduce their monthly costs

A total of 36 ECOBLAST LED floodlights were installed. They deliver a bright (5,700K) white light to ensure perfect visibility for both players and spectators.

Smart lighting for smart management 

All the ECOBLAST LED floodlights are managed by the Schréder ITERRA wireless control system so the pitch is only lit when it is needed, providing additional energy savings. Our experts visited the stadium regularly throughout the renovation to ensure a perfect integration and that the smart sports lighting solution works both on-site and remotely.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage


Installation: SEV Outreau
Engineering office: Le Touquet–Paris-Plage Council


Schréder ITERRA is a Bluetooth solution, and every detail counts, such as the distance between the nodes and the obstacles between them. You need perfect communication between each node to ensure that the lighting scenarios run smoothly. And it is also possible to control the installation remotely over the internet with our gateway.

Jérémie Malbran
Smart City Project Manager

We commissioned the installation with the stadium staff and trained them to use the Schréder ITERRA platform.

Lighting scenarios to meet changing needs 

With our easy-to-use app, a number of lighting scenarios were set-up for the pitch to minimise energy consumption and costs: 

  • competitions: 100% lighting levels;
  • training: 50% lighting levels;
  • half-field: half of the pitch is lit with 50% lighting levels.

Thanks to this smart sports lighting solution, the local council has reduced its energy consumption. Both the players and the fans are delighted as they can enjoy the activities with high visual comfort so they miss none of the action.