Smart Békéscsaba

Smart street lights become strategic assets to save energy, lower the city’s carbon footprint and deliver more for the community

The city of Békéscsaba in south east Hungary is well known for it’s food industry, especially the Csaba sausages, which are the focus of one of Hungary’s best-known food festivals in October. The city also has strong textile and electronic production activities. While the local authorities are keen to retain and promote the city’s century-old values and traditions, they are also focused on building a truly modern city.

In 2016, the city received funding from the Hungarian Government, within the framework of the Modern Cities Programme, to invest in its infrastructure and develop its full potential. As part of the programme a solar park and electricity storage facility was built to increase green energy production, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. With this smart grid, the city’s infrastructure, including the public lighting, can be powered by greener energy. 

Szent István tér 7


Békéscsaba Council
low-energy luminaires
energy savings
568 tCO2e
spared per year