FLEXIA poles

A dedicated range of poles matching the FLEXIA luminaires


Designed in collaboration with VALMONT Structures, the FLEXIA poles complement the FLEXIA luminaire range to offer complete lighting ensembles, fully consistent for your applications. Available in various materials and finishes, the FLEXIA poles provide an infinite number of possibilities to suit the requirements of your project and blend nicely into your environment. 

  • EN40 compatibility
  • Certified for loads defined in EN40, the FLEXIA poles come with CE marking.

  • Various materials and finishes
  • The FLEXIA poles are available in aluminium, galvanised or corten steel and wood, with various design options and in the Schréder colour range.

  • 60 and 76mm fixations
  • The poles are designed for FLEXIA luminaires and SOFIA brackets equipped with 60 or 76mm enclosing fixations. They enable a perfect fit between the outer parts of both sides, pole and luminaire, and ensure aesthetic flush mounting.

  • Playing with shapes
  • The FLEXIA poles offer design variations: conical, round with tapered sections, square base to round section, fitted with a decorative collar, etc. Each specific range has its own special features and refinements.

Add your personal twist

Through customisation options and accessories, the FLEXIA urban luminaires and poles offer a great opportunity to enhance your local identity through your street lighting. They open up a wide range of possibilities for creating something different to enhance the purpose of a place, the heritage of a city or the visual identity of an organisation.

Galvanised steel or aluminium

The range includes a conical pole prepared for the FLEXIA luminaires. The contours of the pole are designed to complement the organic shape of the luminaires. They are available in galvanised steel or brushed aluminium. The finishing options include polyester powder coating, wet painting, and sublimation.

Corten steel, natural or sealed

Conical corten steel poles are also offered. Two surface treatments for weathering steel poles are available, natural and sealed. With the natural option, the pole weathers to its full potential after installation. If the sealed option is selected, the weathering process is accelerated during production and then stopped via a sealer once the desired level of patina is achieved.

KLAXE wooden poles

In the FLEXIA pole range, the KLAXE wooden pole transitions from a square base to a round profile. This shift can also be seen in the SOFIA luminaire bracket associated with the FLEXIA luminaire range. The KLAXE poles combine galvanised steel bases and caps with wooden poles made of glue laminated timber treated with a water-based stain finish consisting of four protective coats.

MIVAT wooden poles

Suitable for both FLEXIA luminaires and SOFIA brackets, the MIVAT sculpted wooden columns offer a pronounced contour near their base. Thanks to the low heights (4 to 8 metres), this design particularity is clearly noticeable. It offers a distinctive touch that makes the MIVAT poles stand out compared to standard conical poles.

NEMUS wooden poles

In the FLEXIA pole offering, the NEMUS range is certainly the most diversified. It is available as a smooth wooden conical pole in glue laminated timber with a special top adapter to ensure a flush connection with the luminaire. But it can also be fitted with recessed decorative steel collars to provide eye-catching accents. In addition, the fluted NEMUS range integrates refined vertical stripes that echo the Coppa and Quattro internal accessories for FLEXIA luminaires.