Golegã Horse Arena

OMNISTAR LED floodlights provide robust, powerful and reliable lighting for this arena which hosts the renowned Golegã Horse Fair

The town of Golegã in Portugal is known as the horse capital of Portugal. Every year in November, it hosts the Golegã Horse Fair which is one of the most exciting events in the European equestrian calendar. It has absolutely everything from dressage to show-jumping, endurance riding to equestrian games, and attracts the top breeders from Portugal and beyond. 

For 11 days and nights, this sleepy town transforms into a frenzy of horses, carriages, people and food stalls, with the air filled with the smoke from the roasting chestnuts and BBQ’s. Horses can be seen trotting along the roads, tied up outside makeshift bars, pulling cartloads of giggling children, and even accompanying their owners to the discos!

As a lot of the activities and festivities take place after the sun sets, lighting plays an important role in the success of this annual event

In 2018, the local council decided to replace the old discharge floodlights in the arena as they did not meet the requirements of the various TV channels that broadcast events during prime time television. They chose the OMNISTAR as it is the most robust, powerful and reliable floodlight. 

Installed on high masts, the OMNISTAR provides the necessary high lux levels with a low power consumption, offering an energy-efficient solution. It ensures the correct uniformity and quality of light, not only for the people participating in the events but also for those fans watching at home. 
Furthermore, due to its mechanical design, the OMNISTAR requires virtually no maintenance over its long life.

The town is reassured that the festivities can continue long into the night, with the horse fair creating an amazing experience for the numerous visitors, year after year. 

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