Pizzey Park Skate Park

Sustainable lighting ensures safety and energy savings for this facility built to meet Olympic standards

In collaboration with the City of Gold Coast Council, MJA Consulting Engineers and CONVIC, Schréder designed an optimal lighting system for the world-class Pizzey Park Skate Park facility in Miami, Queensland. Considered one of Australia’s premier skateboarding destinations, Pizzey Skate Park underwent a 3,000m² extension and upgrade, equalling the size of seven basketball courts in 2022.

Minimising light pollution while delivering a safe skating environment for the community was critical to the success of this project. Alongside the lighting design, we provided for the skate park specifically, we also delivered a smart lighting system for the car park and surrounding pedestrian paths, as the lighting had been deemed poor in a public consultation survey.

An Olympic facility built for the community

Designed to meet Olympic standards, the facility is capable of holding major competitions and Olympic training for professional athletes. The lighting had to successfully balance sporting performance with the needs of local residents all while maintaining efficient energy consumption.

To achieve this balance, we provided both the FLEXIA and OMNISTAR ranges which deliver efficient lighting with high energy savings. Both ranges deliver a durable and low-maintenance system to ensure our lighting design withstands the harsh outdoor environment and test of time. Furthermore, the high energy efficiency of both the FLEXIA and OMNISTAR enables the City of Gold Coast Council to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Balancing performance with safety

Maintaining sporting performance while delivering a safe training environment was important to support not only the Olympic training for professional athletes of the future but also for the local community.

Visited by thousands of people every week, Pizzey Park Skate Park caters to a wide range of people and capabilities. Balancing the interests of performance athletes with that of the wider community was a principal concern of the design. The OMNISTAR and FLEXIA range deliver excellent visibility, uniformity, and colour rendition for both the athletes and spectators.

Lighting to enhance the experience with minimal impact on the environment

While sporting facilities are a vital part of any community, supporting local elite athletes training and encouraging a healthy and active community for both adults and children, light pollution can be a primary concern. We drew up a tailored, smart lighting design to ensure there is no unnecessary light pollution for the surrounding community. 

The OMNISTAR range is equipped with dimming options and is connected-ready making it perfect for use in a communal sporting facility. Our lighting design at Pizzey Park Skate Park is citizen-friendly while maintaining sporting performance.

A vision of lighting success

The lighting upgrade has contributed to the increased capacity to host skating competitions and support the development of local athletes. Joined by Federal Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell, Mayor Tom Tate officially opened the $5.6 million revamped skate park in February 2022 after 14 months of construction.

Bardon Ave
Miami, QLD 4220


City of Gold Coast Council


MJA Consulting Engineers


This upgrade is an exciting addition to our city’s busiest skate park for the locals who regularly enjoy it on their skateboards, bikes, scooters, or skates. 

Tom Tate
Mayor - City of Gold Coast

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of everyone involved, the performance-led lighting design for Pizzey Park Skate Park is a great lighting success.